Bucket list TEDx: Crusoe's unconventional approach & our proudest moment 🚀

Bucket list TEDx: Crusoe's unconventional approach & our proudest moment 🚀

Apr 6, 2023

We're stoked to unveil our first ever TEDx talk, a collaboration with the trailblazing Cully Cavness, Co-founder and COO of Crusoe Energy.

Cully's inspiring TEDx talk

Crusoe Energy turns wasteful flaring into usable energy, powering modular data centers for a more sustainable future. Our epic journey with Crusoe began in 2021 when we collaborated on their Series B and C decks, which helped them raise $500M+.

Our latest TEDx project with Crusoe allowed us to hone design strategies that take presentations to the next level, inspired by the most captivating TED talks.Now, we're excited to share these game-changing tips with you.

5 game-changing tips

Tell a story: Create a narrative that draws your audience in and keeps them engaged, with one idea per slide

Show, don't tell: Use visuals that are bold, clear, and memorable, and avoid cluttered bullet points

Practice makes perfect: Iterate and refine your presentation through feedback loops, and rehearse for a polished performance

Balance is key: Find the sweet spot between text and visuals, and use pacing to keep your audience engaged

Connect emotionally: Inject genuine passion and energy into your presentation, and make your topic human and relatable.